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Travelling ALONE in Japan | An Introvert’s Dream

Join me on my unforgettable solo adventure as I embark on a journey through Japan on an overnight train. Discover the thrill of traveling

Have you ever had that one thing on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to do? For me, it was traveling alone. While I cherish the incredible memories I’ve made traveling with friends, I longed for a different kind of adventure—one where I could be completely immersed in my own thoughts and experiences. After delving into numerous YouTube videos, I stumbled upon something captivating—the overnight train in Japan. With my parents always urging me to get lost, I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to embark on a solo journey and explore Japan on my terms.

Experiencing Tokyo Station: As I prepared for my adventure, I encountered two potential problems: running out of data and navigating my way to Tokyo alone. The clock was ticking, as my train was scheduled to depart at 9 pm. Filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension, I arrived at the train station only to find it unusually empty. In this moment, I pondered whether I should be scared or thrilled by the prospect of venturing into the unknown.

The Akita Shinkansen: A Fast and Scenic Ride: To begin my journey, I boarded the Akita Shinkansen from Akita, heading south towards Tokyo. Unlike airplanes, which limit your view, I found train travel to be more captivating. As the train raced at tremendous speed, I relished the opportunity to witness the picturesque landscapes of Japan. One of the highlights was savoring a delicious bento box—an iconic Japanese meal consisting of beef and rice. Thanks to the punctuality of the Japanese transportation system, we were on track to arrive in Tokyo at around 7:06 pm.

Exploring Tokyo Station and Boarding the Sunrise Express: With a quick update, I found myself at Tokyo Station, realizing I had misjudged the arrival time. With three empty hours before my second train departed at 9:27 pm, I took the chance to grab my ticket and enjoy a solid dinner. The anticipation of a midnight snack on the train led me to purchase another bento box. Finally, I made my way to the platform amidst the bustling chaos of Tokyo Station. The Sunrise Express, the last regularly operated overnight train in Japan, stood before me, surpassing my expectations of its coolness. As I settled into my own little mobile hotel room, complete with a dining area and shower facilities, I marveled at the train’s cleanliness and overall charm.

Reflecting on Solitude and Embracing the Journey: Throughout my 12-hour solo adventure, I discovered a profound distinction between being alone and feeling lonely. Contrary to my initial concerns, I found happiness in my own company. I embraced the opportunity to be lost in my thoughts, make independent decisions, and gain clarity on matters that had been occupying my mind. The train’s ambiance, especially when the lights were off and the diffused city lights created a dream-like atmosphere, added to the magical experience.

A New Day Dawns and Takamatsu Exploration: As the train journey continued, I woke up early with hopes of witnessing a stunning sunrise. Though the weather was cloudy, I appreciated the serene beauty of the view. Taking advantage of my time at Takamatsu, I chose to immerse myself in the experience, leaving my camera behind to fully appreciate the surroundings. Accompanied by my favorite music from my meticulously curated playlist, I cherished this moment of pure enjoyment.

Conclusion: My first solo adventure turned out to be an incredibly memorable experience. Traveling alone allowed me to understand the importance of spending time with oneself, making personal decisions, and finding inner peace. As I returned to Tokyo and eventually made my way back to school, I couldn’t help but reflect on the profound impact this journey had on me. I hope that my story serves as a reminder to prioritize self-love and encourages you to embark on your own solo adventures. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Have a beautiful day!

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