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Korea Travel Vlog: Traveling ALONE to Korea 2023

this article follows a traveler's experiences, challenges, and gastronomic delights. Join us as we delve into the adventure

Embarking on an exciting journey from Japan to Korea, this article follows a traveler’s experiences, challenges, and gastronomic delights. Join us as we delve into the adventure, from airport struggles to discovering local delicacies, and everything in between. Let’s dive into this thrilling travel tale!

Heading to Korea from Japan: The day started at 5:40 in the morning as the traveler prepared to leave Japan for Korea. After bidding farewell to friends, the excitement for Korean cuisine began to build. Despite the rain in Japan, the traveler braved the weather and embarked on the journey. The anticipation of authentic Korean dishes like udon, sushi, and Robin filled the air.

Arriving at the Airport: Upon arriving at the airport, the traveler shared their experiences with the security checks and the absence of TSA pre-check for international flights. However, despite the challenges, they managed to make it to the airport well ahead of time. The journey was off to a smooth start.

Exploring Korea on a Budget: The article highlights the affordability of travel in Korea compared to Japan. With a six-day stay in Korea costing only $20, the traveler reminisces about their previous 14-day trip to Japan, which cost $120. Korea proved to be a budget-friendly destination.

Unexpected Challenges: The traveler encountered a couple of unexpected challenges during their adventure. They realized they had left behind their pocket Wi-Fi and camera battery on the subway. After retracing their steps, they found their belongings where they had left them, proving that sometimes, luck is on your side. Additionally, they mistakenly boarded an express train, which took them in the wrong direction. However, they quickly adjusted their plans and eventually reached their destination.

Arrival at the Accommodation: After a series of adventures and misadventures, the traveler finally arrived at their accommodation in Korea. They share their thoughts on the room, highlighting the comfortable bed, spaciousness, and a pleasant view. The traveler also discusses the importance of making the most of the available space, showcasing their suitcase organization skills.

Delighting in Korean Cuisine: Eager to satisfy their cravings, the traveler headed out to enjoy some authentic Korean cuisine. They express their love for a local eatery and its hardworking “ajamas” (a term used to refer to middle-aged Korean women). The traveler indulged in their ultimate comfort food, “foki oding,” and relished some delicious Maya kimbap. The article also mentions trying a delightful honey-filled hot dog, a popular Korean treat.

Exploring the Local Culture: The article briefly touches upon the unique aspects of Korean culture, such as standing in line on the subway and the process of refunding one-way tickets. The traveler also shares their experience visiting a popular store and embarking on a shopping spree. They express their excitement about finding gifts for loved ones.

Enjoying the Local Entertainment: The traveler planned to visit a location in Hongsu station known for its vibrant atmosphere and busking performances. Unfortunately, they discovered that the attraction had been removed just a week before their arrival. Nevertheless, the article explains the allure of busking in Korea, where talented individuals showcase their singing and dancing skills.

Settling into the Accommodation: Returning to their accommodation, the traveler shares the unexpected noise levels in the neighborhood. They express a slight regret for not staying in Kangnam, a quieter area. The article humorously mentions the traveler’s encounter with a laundry room, complete with a mysterious name and reminiscent of a scene from the movie “Parasite.” Despite initial hesitation, the traveler successfully navigates the laundry process and continues their comfortable stay.

Conclusion: From the excitement of departing from Japan to the culinary delights and unexpected challenges along the way, this article captures the spirit of a traveler’s adventure from Japan to Korea. Despite some hiccups, the experiences, cultural discoveries, and mouthwatering Korean cuisine made it a memorable journey. If you’re planning your own trip, be prepared for the unexpected, relish the local flavors, and embrace the vibrant culture that Korea has to offer.

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